Friday, August 2, 2013

An Introduction.

Well hey there! and welcome to the first blog post out of a lot that myself and my future team will be doing. I am happy to tell you that an Okami sequel is happening! (runs, hoping to get away from fanboys and fangirls). Yes that's right you heard me an Okami sequel!, now obviously it won't be official but nevertheless it is something that you all can hopefully look forward to (although if I ever got the chance I would very much like to put it on the Wii U as many fans have wanted that, myself included, even though I dont't own a Wii U xD). Anyway, currently we are a two man team which includes myself and my good friend Jourdan Cameron (you may have heard of him either from the website Blackman 'N Robin or his own blog thestuffiread, check them out!) who is the manager of the whole project (basically keeps me from screwing up and keeps the whole project intact). Now to the fun stuff (there will be more introductions in the future if you want haha :) ), we love feedback!, so if you have any suggestions or even if you want to join in on the project, feel free to do so (if you want to help out you can find me on Twitter @SkullOfAwesome or send me an email at obalucas1@[STOPSPAM] Anyway I know this was probably a very short introduction to the whole project and you're probably still wondering what the hell is going on but I promise you there will be MANY future updates on this. So for now, just get excited (not too excited) and eh yeah that's it really. NOT!, one last thing, my messages that you send me don't necessarily have to be about joining in on the project, they can be from anywhere to fanart, fanfics or just plain nonsense lol, so don't hesitate, and again I will elaborate more on this later. Bye!.

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